Magal started as a Drummer at the age of 12,
Through the developing of the groups he played with
He wrote fantastic and romantic poetry.

After a long time of being exposed to different influences he
Fell in love with the Opera world and its images and decided
To take opera voice classes at the age of 19.

Magal writes original music since 1998.
First under the name SKY TURNS BLACK,
Then quickly the band name changed
To his born name MAGAL.

He performed in art galleries and special venues worldwide
Both as a Drummer and a Singer, since 1994.

All Magal's Music is based on his poetry.
Taken from his poetry books:
 - Colours & Lights 
 - Stars & Flowers.

His music is a phenomena. almost as
Carrying out a new genre in music
Of a cross between Synthpop and Rock
With a splash of opera influences.

His vivid imagination developed furthermore
Connecting the fragments of his influences into
A whole artistic persona that portrays fashion & theatre.

His unique bells sounds are decorating
The baroque elements which gives majestic and
Heavenly atmosphere, meditative and spiritual
Music that has a melancholic yet uplifting edge.

Magal is choosing an instrumentation that reflects him
Such as harps and strings on the one hand
And vigorous elecronics on the other.

He creates a feeling of a victorian masquerade
And bringing to the stage a timeless beauty of
Old theatres and their ancient glam.