is coming out as a special Halloween 2017 release. 
First it'll be available on Bandcamp,
Then on all other medias.

Two of the spookiest yet dreamiest songs Magal ever wrote.
Combined in this release as a very special release dedicated
And referred to the darkest american holiday: Halloween.

MAGAL's new album AMBER is available now
On our Bandcamp, iTunes and all other music platforms.

Soon on Digipacks.


Came out with their second EP called SHADOWS.
Always free streaming via BANDCAMP.


 • Magal's second book of poetry STARS & FLOWERS is out now and is available to purchase from our store.


• MAGAL's new single Darquillity is out now.
And is on our bandcamp and soundcloud.

• Some songs and rarities from MAGAL's future album AMBER can be found
On our newly updated SOUNDCLOUD. AMBER is scheduled to be released
During 2017.



• TAKE THESE TEARS are giving their first ep DREAMERS for a free download !!!
Enjoy & Happy New Year : http://takethesetears.bandcamp.com/
• New single is out now: THE EMPIRE. Now available only on itunes.
• Magal will perform with TAKE THESE TEARS at FASHION WEEKEND WILLIAMSBURG - 285 Kent, Brooklyn. NY.
This Friday SEPTEMBER 16TH 2011.
• Magal is currently recording 2 EPs:
Singing with TAKE THESE TEARS and playing Drums for YOUNG LESBIANS.(AUG.-SEP. 2011)
• Magal will do a secret show with TTT (Take These Tears)  feat. MAGAL & YAMID.
This Monday 4-11-11. La Guardia Community College, Queens. NY.
• New show by MAGAL "Sepia Sky Show" - a collaboration with fashion designer KAI KUHNE,
will take place at DON HILLS new party line: TROPICAL APARTMENTS.
511 Greenwich Street. NYC on Wednesday Feb.9th 2011.
• Magal is performing with THE VOLUPTUOS HORROR OF KAREN BLACK at Don Hills NYC
This coming Halloween Oct31st 2010.  This event will have have both MAGAL and TVHOKB merch booths.
• New and Rare Performance By MAGAL : A Sunset Ballad Show -November 18th 2009- Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette st. NYC.
• MAGAL will perform Tuesday 2/3/09 on Channel 56 at 8pm in Manhattan, New York.
• MAGAL is an officIal selection of THE GRAMMY AWARDS.
• MAGAL is performing this June 2nd. 2008 at the Gershwin hotel NYC.
Celebrating the golden days of nature with a new show : MIRROR DANCE.

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