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MAGAL's second album ' BELIGHT ' is coming out during the holidays of 2020.
The new album will contain the last 3 singles and their B-sides + 2 new parts.

The word BELIGHT means illumination/shine up.

The original cover art, LADY OF ORDA CAVE.
Photographed by Viktor Lyagushkin / PhotoTeam.Pro(Russia).

BELIGHT songlist:

1. Solar Plexus
2. Darquillity
3. Ocean Divine
4. Jollification
5. The Missing Ones
6. A Race Where Everyone Wins
7. Patchouli
8. Lorgnette



The new single THE MISSING ONES is out now
And free to download in the first week via our Bandcamp.



Magal Bell will play drums with BVHO
In 2018 OTTERFEST (BK, New York).
>>>>October 27th<<<<

A special band thats involving
Few genres of music in a very dark 
Poetic and haunting approach. 

The original music was written
By Yamid - Nuestra Lucha.

With members from:

Robot hi-five

Some music can be found on 
BVHO's bandcamp.

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